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Tesla Detailing in VA, MD and DC

At Virginia Car Detailing, we are dedicated to preserving the pristine beauty of your Tesla vehicle. Our expert team of detailing specialists understands the unique needs of Tesla cars, and we use the latest techniques and eco-friendly products to ensure your Tesla shines inside and out. Drive your Tesla with confidence, knowing it’s been treated to the finest detailing services.

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Virginia Car Detailing, a service of Tilicare Mobile Detailing LLC, available in Northern Virginia, Maryland and Washington DC with the best car detailing service.

Luis R.
Luis R.
They have the best service of all the services that I have hired and do a professional job, I recommend them, they are very professional
Jennifer Allison
Jennifer Allison
Ali came on time and brought all of his supplies. He told me that all Cars receive the same care and proceeded to clean my car and yes, hot da@& it looks like new! I love it!
Bilal Seay
Bilal Seay
Ali did an amazing job with my interior. He really took his time and made sure quality and effort was on top.
Mark Tschechtelin
Mark Tschechtelin
High quality service and very responsive. Came same day with online appointment. On time and professional. Threw in basic interior clean even though only needed exterior. Will go back to Tilicare.
Erik Wagner
Erik Wagner
Very thorough- great service overall - car looked like new. Highly recommended
Lisa Kirchhof
Lisa Kirchhof
Very professional, high quality work, great customer service. I’ll definitely be using them again!
Efrain Cruz
Efrain Cruz
Great job, on time very thorough in and out. Car looks new again.
Lynnie Jones
Lynnie Jones
Great service! Tech was friendly and respectful. My 450 GLS looks showroom new! Will be using again!!
Khaled Ahmed
Khaled Ahmed
What an incredible details cleaning on my Lexus vehicle. I have never seen before that someone will dedicated and spent close to 4 hour to clean on my car. Definitely going to have them come by for my second vehicle plus going to recommend them. Many thanks for your excellent service.
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Tesla Detailing Price (exterior & interior)

Our expert team comes to you, fully equipped with water and electricity. Book online in 3 minutes!

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Model 3

Transform your car with our detailing services. Full detail (exterior and interior) for $230, or interior-only detail for $170. Book Online in less than 3 minutes!

carwash truck

Model S

Professional detailing services. Full detail (exterior and interior) for $230, or interior-only detail for $170. Book Online in less than 3 minutes!

carwash truck

Model Y

Elevate your vehicle with our detailing expertise. Full detail (exterior and interior) for $250, or interior-only detail for $180. Book Online in less than 3 minutes!

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Model X

Revive your vehicle with our meticulous detailing services. Full detail (exterior and interior) for $270, or interior-only detail for $200. Book Online in less than 3 minutes!

Car Detailing for Tesla Model 3, Y, S and X

We offer two tried and proven car detailing services to suit your car’s needs, Premium and Exclusive detailing packages.

Car Auto Detailing Premium Package

Exterior Automotive Detailing 

• Wheel face, barrels, and wheel well detailed
• Tire shine applied
• Foam bath pH-neutral soap
• Thorough hand wash and DI water rinse
• Premium microfiber towel dry and air blow to prevent water drips
• Wipe down door jambs, trunk lig, and gas cap
• Exterior windows streak free
• Spray wax applied

Interior Car Detailing

• Air blow crack and craves
• Thorough vacuum (seats, floor mats, floors, and trunk)
• Interior wipe down with brush and steam
• Door panels, dashboard, steering wheel, cup holder, and console
• Wipe down leather seats and condition them.
• Rubber mats are washed
• Interior windows streak free
• AC vents steam cleaning

before tesla detailafter tesla detail

$25 Pre-payment required to book. Fully refundable and secure by

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Seat Shampoo

We are experts detailing seat for impeccable car interior care.

carwash truck

Shampoo Carpet

Ultimate carpet shampooer included in our exclusive auto detail.

boat detailing

Ceramic Coating

Unleash the power of graphene coating for unparalleled protection.

more extras

Need More?

Check all our extras on our booking page or mobile app for iOS and Android.

What is difference when detailing a Tesla over a regular car?

Detailing a Tesla differs from working on a regular car in several aspects owing to the unique characteristics of electric vehicles. One distinctive factor is the Tesla’s paint protection. Tesla vehicles often come with a multi-layered paint finish that requires a specialized approach to maintain its integrity. Moreover, attention must be given to the intricate design of the Tesla’s aerodynamic features, which can accumulate dirt and debris differently than traditional vehicles. The interior of a Tesla, featuring cutting-edge technology and minimalist design, demands careful handling of electronic components during detailing. Additionally, the absence of a traditional internal combustion engine alters the undercarriage cleaning process. Understanding these nuances allows detailing professionals to tailor their techniques, ensuring that Tesla owners experience the full spectrum of automotive luxury and innovation after each meticulous detailing session.

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Tesla Perfection in D.C.! The detailing wizards at Virginia Car Detailing took my Tesla to a whole new level with their exclusive package. Their meticulous attention to detail brought out the best in my electric beauty. Now, my Tesla gleams like it just rolled off the showroom floor. I’m beyond impressed and can’t recommend their services enough for fellow Tesla owners in Washington, D.C.

Absolute Tesla Bliss in Virginia! Virginia Car Detailing worked wonders on my Model 3 with their premium detailing service. Their expertise in handling electric vehicles was evident, and the results were stunning. The precision they applied to every inch of my Tesla truly exceeded my expectations. If you’re a Tesla owner in Virginia seeking top-notch detailing, look no further—these guys are the real deal!

Unmatched Tesla Elegance! VCD delivered a transformation that left me in awe. Their premium detailing package breathed new life into my Tesla Model S. The finesse with which they treated every aspect of the car, from the sleek exterior to the cutting-edge interior, was simply remarkable. For Tesla owners in Virginia, this is the detailing service you’ve been searching for—expect nothing but excellence!

Recent Auto Detailing Jobs in the DMV

tesla model 3 with tilicare company at the back

A recent job in Bethesda, MD brought us to a client’s well-traveled sedan. Our mobile detailing experts performed a thorough hand wash, followed by a precise clay bar treatment to eliminate stubborn contaminants. To enhance its luster, we applied a top-tier wax and ceramic coating. The result? A sedan that radiates brilliance, evoking memories of its showroom debut. We bring our premium detailing services to your doorstep, ensuring your vehicle looks its absolute best. Reach out to us today and schedule your next mobile detailing experience!

blue tesla model y

In Alexandria, VA, a sports car enthusiast entrusted us with their prized vehicle. Our mobile detailing team performed a meticulous hand wash and dry, coupled with our specialized odor elimination through ozone deodorizing treatment. Elevating its aesthetic further, we applied a top-tier wax and ceramic coating. Watch as your sports car transforms into a masterpiece with our convenient mobile services. Connect with us now to schedule an appointment and witness the difference!

white tesla model y performance

Recently in Arlington, VA, our mobile detailing experts brought Tesla Y Performance luxury to the forefront. A thorough hand wash set the stage, followed by our specialty – odor elimination through ozone deodorizing treatment, delivering a fresh and inviting interior. Enhancing the Tesla’s allure, we applied a top-tier ceramic coating, ensuring lasting protection and a showroom-worthy shine. Your convenience is our commitment – schedule our mobile detailing services to experience Tesla elegance at your doorstep.

Automotive Detailing FAQs

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What areas do you serve?

We serve Northern Virginia and surrounding areas with a deep car detail service. If you are looking for the best auto detail company near you, we guarantee your satisfaction. 

What happens if I don't have access to water and electricity?

No worries! We come fully equipped with our own water and electricity supply, ensuring a hassle-free car wash and auto detail spot experience wherever you are.

What payment methods do you accept?

We offer various convenient payment options including credit/debit cards, cash, and Zelle for a seamless transaction with our on the go detailing company.

Do you detail all brands of vehicles?

Absolutely! We specialize in detailing all brands of vehicles, from popular ones like Toyota, Honda, Ford, and RV to exotic car detailing brands such as Tesla, BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Audi, and more. Check our mobile auto detailing price list and book online in less than 3 minutes.

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